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our staff provides the caring and responsive interaction that infants need for healthy growth and development. With our lower teacher-to-infant ratios, our infant program gives your baby the opportunity to develop at his/her own pace in a rich and nurturing environment. Meals and nap times are personalized for the needs of each infant based on his/her personal rhythms.

Our bright, clean and safe environment encourages infants to explore their surroundings to stimulate physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth. Through a balance of activities that emphasize visual, aural and tactile stimulation, infants thrive in our friendly and comfortable atmosphere. 


Our educators work on the children’s emerging skills through a variety of age-appropriate activities that encourage creativity and a positive self-image. We introduce music, art and motor-skill activities that stimulate the senses and challenge each child at his/her individual state of development. Through manipulative toys, imaginative play, and engaging activities, toddlers are able to explore facets of their world in a safe, structured environment.


Preschool is a fun and exciting time in your child's life as he/she prepares for a successful transition into school. Our dedicated pre-school teachers are committed to helping children develop the vital learning skills that lay the foundation for success in later years. Through our education program, we work toward specific goals in the cognitive and emotional development of each child. Our program emphasizes individuality while enabling each child to develop social confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

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